I suppose when the time comes, I’ll do what I have to do. What worries me though is that… I’m not gonna pack up under pressure. I’m so scared and… I think that I might just stand there and scream.”

-Phoebe Tonkin as Fiona Maxwell, Tomorrow When the War Began

Friday 13th, Jul  + 194  

"Phoebe, she’s always reading and stuff. She’s a bright girl, and as far as a romance goes on-screen, it’s not hard to play that up. She’s very endearing and likable. And in read life, she’s a sweet, endearing woman. As far as romance goes, it’s not hard to get there with her. She’s so on point."

-Grey Damon on Phoebe Tonkin

Thursday 5th, Jul  + 104  

"I love acting; I love anything that’s performance based. I find that with modeling it’s kind of similar. We can do different shoot, with different clothing, and you can get into different characters."

-Phoebe Tonkin

Wednesday 23rd, May  + 88